Long ago, war and pollution choked out modern civilization. Crops withered. Millions starved. Only one bee species survived on the Isle of Abelha. And now, whoever rules the bees, rules the world.

Aging and ailing, the reigning Bee Regent requires a successor. But every apprentice falls short until Lenita, a young sugarcane farmer, arrives. Outlasting her many predecessors, she shows promise. That is, until she vanishes in the night.

Determined to find her older sister, Naokah applies as an apprentice, the sole way to access the remote, walled Isle of Abelha. Not only must she contend with hundreds of competitors, but a longstanding bee phobia, and justifiably so—she’s deathly allergic. 

But the Isle of Abelha houses more than just bees. There’s a sinister presence haunting Naokah. And as she braves an eerie castle with sprawling wings of swarming hives, murmuring murals, deceptive hedge mazes, and a host of leering gargoyles, she must also face the Bee Regent, who’s guarding the darkest secret of all.

Can Naokah find her sister before she falls to the same fate?

*Work in Progress

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