Growing up, Rachel wanted to be Sir William Wallace, James Horner, or Stephen King.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Army doesn’t issue claymore swords, and she’s painfully tone deaf (just ask her bagpipe instructor, who tries not to wince as she plays), so that left writing—a campaign that would wage on for a quarter century, leaving Rachel bruised, bloody, and downright defeated.

She’s been a soldier, maid, door-to-door bookseller, field hand/purveyor of Fikes Family Farm’s produce–heh, thanks Pops–leasing agent, baker, journalist, pageant director, wiper of butt sweat (tanning salon), seller of overpriced lingerie at Victoria’s Secret, and dejected Wal-Mart cashier. All of which she either strategically retreated or succumbed to her injuries.

Eventually, with skin thicker than chain mail, a shield of resolve, and the reckless, indefatigable hope of a warrior poet, Rachel finally fought her way into publishing. *lobs claymore sword she found on eBay; Horner’s Braveheart theme amplifies

After quite the adventure, Rachel currently takes refuge in a hobbit hole in Austin, Texas, squirreling away all the coffee and whisky she can get her paws on, and teaching ESL to the most amazing students in the world. But since teaching and writing don’t pay the bills, she often sells her body to clinical trials. In fact, one of her books was written in one such research facility, where she was a lab rat for thirty-three glorious days. The side effects weren’t too terrible either. She just wears long skirts now to hide her tail.

Rachel is represented by the unstoppable Naomi Davis at BookEnds Literary Agency.

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  1. Amazing journey Rachel. I am so inspired by your drive and versatility. You saw your dreams and went after them over coming every obstacle along the way. In the words of Anne Frank “ How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Your story does that from serving the country and your Soldiers to Ms Texas and Ms Earth to publisher writer. Your voyage has been ever driven and motivational. Keep driving forward, nothing extraordinary happens when you hold back.


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