In a world engulfed by murky spans of water called the Dead Lochs, lethal, tentacled beasts lurk below the dark depths, making foot travel impossible, forcing humans to build cities amongst vast networks of trees, glaciers, and boulders. 

When a deadly moss snakes through the tree-bound nation and collapses the only bridge between Lochmere’s three realms, it not only severs Tay and her mother from their home in Eabha, but completely cuts off survivors from trade, food, and the basic means to live. 

With time dwindling and no other alternative in sight, the mother-daughter duo must journey to world’s end to the forsaken Wastelands of Tadhg in hopes of befriending their longtime foes the Tuatha Dé, a powerful, magical race who could render aid—if they don’t kill them first.

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A fantasy novel inspired by Irish lore

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