In a world of recycled souls, where seasons are reversing, and extinct animals resurface to devastate a people oppressed by the iron-fisted usurper to the crown, long-lost heir Ezrah and Incertus, the closeted son of the usurper must join forces to overthrow a tyrant hellbent on bleeding the life out of their world.

But an ancient force, far darker, has wrapped its talons around StellaVerum, stopping at nothing to seize the once magical world for its own, and the closer Ezrah gets to the throne her supporters swear is rightfully hers, the more she not only feels like a stranger in her own empire, but a stranger in her own body too. Immersed in a spectrum of varying shades of magic, secrets, and deceit, Ezrah must discern illusion from reality to ultimately persevere.

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A fantasy novel inspired by Irish lore

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