Content edits complete!

I’ve been writing from morning to midnight, on weekends and during breaks from work, powering through the toughest part of my revisions for draft three. I just finished writing a new ending and epilogue and now, as of today, am done with the bulk of major content edits!

I’ve learned I work well by setting daily goals rewarded with positive reinforcement. As the day progresses, every goal I hit (chapters at this point), I reward myself, i.g., a cup of coffee or browsing social media for five minutes. The small breaks help clear and reset my brain, so when I dive into the next chapter, I’m ready to go.

So what’s next?

For August, I’ll be polishing and honing, cracking down on any passive voice, checking for typos, grammar issues (not my forte), and really working on the flow of dialogue and sentence structure. I’ll be spending days in each of my main character’s heads, making sure what they say and do, fits their voice and desires. This is such a fun part of the process because everything I need is there, I’m just painting in the tiny details and flourishes that make my writing, well, me.

At the end of August, I’ll be submitting this baby back to my badass editors at Author Crash Course for round three edits. Keep your fingers crossed they love Ezrah’s new voice and like my changes so I’ll be one step closer to submitting this bad boy to literary agents.

What stage are you guys at for your WIP?

Happy writing!

P.S. Guzzling Electric Unicorn Coffee from Bones Coffee Company as I type and it’s sooooooooooooo damn good! I love Fruity Pebbles and this is the guilt-free coffee version. It came in today, as though they knew, I needed to celebrate my progress. Plus, they also have tons of other flavors I can’t wait to try. Coffee fiends rejoice!


Rachel Fikes


Like many writers, music is the butter to my bread that nourishes my inspiration and feeds my creative soul. Now, I’m not talking about that margarine-two-molecules-away-from-plastic crap that flies won’t even touch. Good music is like authentic, salty-sweet, melt-in-your-mouth creamy, churned-with-love from a happy cow in Ireland, butter. Whether it’s powering me through some tumultuous battle scenes or pulling me through some deep-seated emotional drama, I devour music almost as much as coffee. Almost. So, you can imagine my delight when my gifted Brazilian student Sergio Martoni offered to compose a score for my WIP. He read SUFFUSION twice before carefully crafting these beautiful movements. Guys! Sergio is so fricking talented (and humble, I might add).

This post is dedicated to my dear friend Sergio Martoni.  I’m truly honored and so thankful you composed this for SUFFUSION. I can’t wait to share your overture with the world!


Sergio Martoni

Growing up in Cambuci, a neighborhood in São Paulo, Brazil, heavily influenced by Italian heritage and traditions, Sergio’s love for music bloomed at a young age. He started studying piano at the age of five and earned a B.A. in Classical Piano at Lins de Vasconcelos School of Music. He also received a B.S. in Civil Engineering and an MBA.

He’s an engineer by trade, but he’s never stopped playing the piano. Sergio especially loves playing in concerts with opera singers and has worked at the Sculpture Brazilian Museum – MUBE as a Music Coordinator for many years. He’s also the Music Coordinator at the Engineering Institute.

Every Friday at noon, he plays the pipe organ at Santa Catarina Chapel’s Concert Luncheon. He just finished his first score for the book SUFFUSION by (yours truly) and hopes you enjoy his overture.

004 (3)

Click on the audio link below to enjoy his masterpiece!

P.S. I’m listening to it as I write this–14:17 is my jam.