Orphan. Outsider. Loner. Ezrah Angeli has never fit in. Homeless, her only goal is to survive, and morality, quite simply, is a luxury she can’t afford. But when a drug deal goes awry, a gunshot wound leaves Ezrah hemorrhaging, ripping her from the sadistic snow globe of Upstate New York, thrusting her into StellaVerum, a world on the brink of destruction.

Some claim she’s a saint, others spout spy. After a single glance, a renowned Sentio claims she’s none other than the true Sol. A Usurper slaughtered her family the night she was born. Ezrah disappeared. Now, twenty years later, she’s back. How? No one knows. What they do know is this: It’s time to take back her throne.

Pummeled with fear and doubt, Ezrah’s reluctant. But after two close strikes, she has no choice but to set out on a quest to take the Usurper down—her life and StellaVerum depend on it. Ezrah soon discovers the Usurper isn’t her only threat. Here, nothing is black and white, but a spectrum of varying shades of magic, secrets and deceit, all testing her ability to discern illusion from reality, and ultimately persevere.

This 110k-word baby is currently undergoing revisions for draft six. July 1st, I’ll resubmit to my dream literary agent. 

After reading TSS, my dear friend Sergio Martoni, an extremely talented pianist, composed a breathtaking score for it! Click on the audio link below to listen to his masterpiece. Once you read the book, I’m sure you’ll be able to pick out certain motifs and themes that are reflected in the movements of his score. My personal favorite is at 14:17. It makes me bawl every time. Enjoy!


Original score composed by Sergio Martoni

The cast of ANGST-FORGED


Sol Ezrahfina Claranocte Angeli, true heir and sovereign of StellaVerum


Dein ‘Certie’ Incertus. Son of tyrant, but boasts a beautiful soul. He has a gentle heart that beats loud and true with the answer he seeks. He just needs to muster the courage to follow it.


Hothead. Seeker. Lionheart. 
Meet Asher, an all too gung-ho Valor-in-training with a score to settle.

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Sulky yet steadfast, meet Lor Orban, an Olorian Vhalor hellbent on leveling the playing field.