The once Utopian world of StellaVerum is on the verge of extinction. Ages ago, a man consumed by pride used magic to defy the Creator. Angered by his insolence, the Creator stripped all humans of magic. Animals vanished. Crops wilted. People died. But where magic has once thrived, it will always remain.

Ezrah, a twenty-two-year-old orphan, has always felt out of place in New York. When she’s thrust into this volatile world, she finally understands why. The night she was born, a usurper slaughtered her family and seized the throne. She disappeared without a trace. Now, twenty years later, no one knows what transported her to New York or what brought her back. All they know is her arrival’s a sign. It’s time to take back her throne.

Pummeled with fear and doubt, Ezrah’s reluctant. But after two close attacks—undoubtedly coordinated by the usurper— she has no choice but to take him down. Ezrah and a small team, including OCD soldier Lor Thomas (whom she’s starting to feel a connection with), set out on a quest to coordinate an attack with the Quinliance, a secret society dedicated to restoring her sovereignty. As she delves deeper into this world, she discovers nothing is black and white, but a spectrum of varying shades of magic, secrets, and deceit, all testing her ability to discern illusion from reality, and ultimately persevere.

This 112k-word baby is currently undergoing revisions for draft three. In December, I will turn it back in to Author Crash Course for line edits. I hope to start querying agents in 2019. 


After reading TSS, my dear friend Sergio Martoni, an extremely talented pianist, composed a breathtaking score for it! Click on the audio link below to listen to his masterpiece. Once you read the book, I’m sure you’ll be able to pick out certain motifs and themes that are reflected in the movements of his score. My personal favorite is at 14:17. It makes me bawl every time. Enjoy!


Original score composed by Sergio Martoni