Fantasy novels completed and on submission to editors—for traditional publication, hopefully!

Long ago, a jealous god stole the wind from his sister’s world, plunging her into chaos. Ships stranded at sea, the poles iced over, and the sun razed the equator, wiping out ecosystems, pollinators, and resources, unleashing a smoldering chasm brimming with soul-slurping beasts. To survive, rich humans invest in wing-power, training flocks to soar over fields to pollinate crops and fill ships’ sails. For everyone else on this agrarian planet, only one species of bees survived on the remote Isle of Abelha, and whoever wins the Praxis to rule them as Keeper, rules the world. A young farmer from the poor Midworld nation of Croi Croga is the unlikely champion. But the night before Lenita’s induction, she disappears. Now, Naokah, her younger sister must compete in the next Praxis to find her. Not only must she face leaving home for the first time and ruthless envoys, but a debilitating fear of bees. The Isle of Abelha houses more than just bees, though. There’s a sinister presence haunting Naokah. And as she braves an eerie citadel with sprawling wings of swarming hives, murmuring murals, deceptive hedge mazes, and a host of leering gargoyles, she must also face the Keeper, who’s guarding the darkest secret of all.
Will Naokah find her sister before she falls to the same fate?
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In a world engulfed by murky spans of water called the Dead Lochs, lethal beasts lurk below the dark depths, making foot travel impossible, forcing humans to build cities amongst vast networks of trees, glaciers, and boulders. 
When a deadly moss snakes through the tree-bound nation and collapses the only bridge between Lochmere’s three realms, it not only severs Tay and her mother from their home in Eabha, but completely cuts off survivors from trade, food, and the basic means to live. With time dwindling and no other alternative in sight, the mother-daughter duo must journey to world’s end to the forsaken Wastelands of Tadhg in hopes of befriending their longtime foes the Tuatha Dé, a powerful, magical race who could render aid—if they don’t kill them first.
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In a world of recycled souls, where seasons are reversing, and extinct animals resurface to devastate a people oppressed by the iron-fisted usurper to the crown, long-lost heir Ezrah and Incertus, the closeted son of the usurper, must join forces to overthrow a tyrant hellbent on bleeding the life out of their world. But an ancient force, far darker, has wrapped its talons around StellaVerum, stopping at nothing to seize the once magical world for its own, and the closer Ezrah gets to the throne her supporters swear is rightfully hers, the more she not only feels like a stranger in her own empire, but a stranger in her own body too. Immersed in a spectrum of varying shades of magic, secrets, and deceit, Ezrah must discern illusion from reality to ultimately persevere.
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