The Chronicles of Nausea

Rachel Fikes

Y’all! The room is spinning, and my hands are shaking so badly I can hardly type. Today is the day I get back my in-line notes from Author Crash Course. I turned in my manuscript a month ago, and it’s been the longest breath I’ve ever held. I had to make huge revisions during my last round, i.e., killing off half my characters and rewriting the second half of the book, so now, I really don’t know what to expect.

All I know is—I’m fricking terrified.

So…to keep my mind off the inevitable, I have a class today with one of my favorite German students, and after that, I’ll be taking a little boat ride on the Hudson River with some friends. Chances are, neither activity is really going to keep me completely distracted, but at least I won’t be home, guzzling gallons of coffee and pacing around my laptop like a mad woman.

On a side note, today is the first of July. Do you know what that means? It’s time to jot down some goals. I have a huge, old-school calendar on my desk and at the beginning of each month, I make a new plan. Writing down goals has helped me stay on track, and since my calendar sits by my work laptop, it serves as a constant reminder of what I should be working towards. There is something so satisfying about striking through goals I accomplish.

Goals for July:

  1. Complete revisions on SUFFUSION (Keep your fingers crossed this isn’t another dumpster-draft).
  2. Polish query letter and send to my editors
  3. Polish synopsis and send to my editors
  4. Finish reading A DANCE WITH DRAGONS
  6. Lose 4lbs (I still haven’t dropped the weight I gained on our honeymoon in Ireland last October).

It’s time for class, so I’m going to head out. But before I leave, tell me, what are y’all (I’m sorry grammar police; I’m a native Texan and just can’t kick this contraction) putting on your monthly goal list? Is there anything you do to de-stress when you’re waiting to hear back on big projects? Drop me a line or comment below and let me know!



Rachel Fikes

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